Jessica Jung appeared at a Chinese fashion show, exchanged numbers with Angelababy 

Former SNSD member Jessica showed closeness with Chinese star Angelababy, a visual feast

Jessica recently appeared at the front row of a fashion show for a Chinese brand, which was held on September 21st. On this day, Jessica appeared at the fashion show with a black and white cardigan and a matching black hat. 

She also drew attention for being seated next to top Chinese celebrity Angelababy, and the two’s beautiful visuals side by side are becoming a hot topic in China.

jessica Jung

The two, who were seriously watching the fashion show, later drew attention by chatting lightly and exchanging contacts on their mobile phones.

Meanwhile, Jessica recently appeared in Season 3 “Sisters Who Make Waves” – a program of the Chinese station Mango TV. The show features female stars in their 30s and older, who compete in a contest for a chance to re-debut as a girl group.

Jessica, who came in 2nd at the finale of “Sisters Who Make Waves”, has since started her full-fledged activities in China with entertainment programs, as well as an appearance alongside her colleague on the Mango TV new program “Seaside of the Band”.

Source: nate

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