Jung Chaeyeon Embraces Self-Love and Passion for Acting

Actress Jung Chaeyeon talked self-love and passion for acting while sharing her style preferences and cherished first luxury item. 

On July 18th, magazine Noblesse released an interview video with Jung Chaeyeon through their official YouTube channel.

Jung Chaeyeon

In the video, Jung Chaeyeon is asked about the “moment when she was satisfied with her appearance on the screen for the first time.” She responded, “There have been moments when I saw a side of myself that I didn’t know. Sometimes it’s new and I always like that new side. So, I like myself. Today, during the photoshoot, I tried a different style of pictorial shooting than what I’ve done before, so I am satisfied with how I look today.” 

Jung Chaeyeon

Jung Chaeyeon also showed her passion for acting. She mentioned KBS 2TV drama “The King’s Affection,” which ended in December 2021, where she played No Ha Kyung, and said, “Actually, when I first received the script, my role was not there. It wasn’t there, but the script was so interesting. So I wanted to be part of ‘The King’s Affection.’

When asked about the role in which she thinks she succeeded in a complete image transformation for the first time, Jung Chaeyeon modestly said, “I still think I have to go a little further. If the viewers think that I fit a character perfectly, then I’m happy with that.”

Jung Chaeyeon

When Jung Chaeyeon chooses clothes, she pays the most attention to the material and fit. She explained, “I pay close attention to the material. And even if a fit looks good on someone else, I think it’s useless if it doesn’t fit me well.” She added, “I prefer a simple style.”

The first luxury item that Jung Chaeyeon bought was a wallet. “When I received my first payment, I bought a wallet. I thought I should buy a wallet since I received my payment. I used it until the cards were falling apart. I still keep it well,” she said. 

Source: Daum.

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