Jeon Somi, from the cutie of JYP to the bad girl of YG

Jeon Somi has become more and more beautiful since she decided to leave JYP Entertainment and joined YG.

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Somi used to be a JYP trainee. She was one of the most outstanding contestants of the reality show Sixteen and was expected to debut with TWICE. Her hybrid beauty and bright image help Somi become the maknae who is loved and supported by the audience. Although she lost the chance to debut, netizens still confirmed that she will be JYP’s ACE someday.

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Somi has competed in Produce 101 with a fresh and vibrant beauty with brown hair that is standard Kpop idol style.
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Jeon Somi is pretty but her beaty is not too different, just the standard of JYP’s bright, fresh and beautiful idols.
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Her fashion style is also quite “soft”, carrying a pure and minimalist as a schoolgirl. Somi once confided that she had light hair but had to dye it dark brown because she didn’t want to be different when she went to school.
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The female idol joined the entertainment industry at the age of 15. She was recognized for her talent and shining charisma on stage. However, her career was quite uneventful when I.O.I soon disbanded, missed the chance to debut with TWICE and ITZY. Currently, Somi is an artist of The Black Label – a subsidiary company of YG.

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Somi has had 3 solo music products, but despite a lot of investment, the female idol has not really been successful, the song does not have high rankings on the charts.
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In return, Somi’s beauty has improved after moving to YG. The female idol is gorgeous like a doll with blonde hair and extreme western makeup. The YG’s star shows absolute confidence on stages. She revealed that she worked hard at the gym to reach a weight of 46.6kg, a height of 1m72, a thin look but still not too skinny.

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The image of a rebellious Hollywood hot girl is extremely suitable for Jeon Somi. She is reminiscent of the image of naughty extremely pretty “mean girls” – the fashion icons in American high teen movies.

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The fashion sense of the 10x female idol has also changed dramatically. She is no longer a good girl of JYP. The female singer has become more rebellious, sexy, and fashionable since she joined YG. So that, with the top fashion temperament, Somi is the ambassador of many fashion brands.

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Jeon Somi shows off her skinny body and Barbielike beauty in jeans and blonde hair after the comeback with "DUMB DUMB"
The image of Somi showing off her super small waist with abs is the hottest topic on SNS
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