The reaction of a female cast on “Pink Lie” when she found the shocking hidden job of the man she is flirting with

The shocking secret of Kang Tae Yang (pseudonym), a cast member of Disney+’s dating reality show “Pink Lie”, has been revealed.

In the 6th episode of “Pink Lie”, which was released on November 2nd, Kang Tae Yang personally revealed the secret that he had been hiding.

On the broadcast, Kang Tae Yang surprised everyone when he confessed, “I’m a performer for women’s 19+ shows”.

kang tae yang

He confessed, “There are people who don’t even watch my performance but criticize it with prejudice. I wanted to break that prejudice”, adding “I believe that kind of performance is also artistic. I took pride in my job and went on the stage.”

He continued, “I major in modern dance, so I felt very burdened when they first offered me the job”, adding “At first, I worried a lot about what I could do on the stage”.

kang tae yang

Expressing his honest feelings, he said, “It’s very hard for a partner to understand the job of doing 19+ performances. But if there is someone who looks at me without prejudice, I’m willing to give that person my everything”.

kang tae yang

Everyone opened their mouth wide as they were so surprised by Kang Tae Yang’s confession. In particular, Park Ha Neul, who is flirting with Kang Tae Yang, seemed to be in great shock. This is because Kang Tae Yang previously introduced himself as a Pilates instructor. Facing the truth, Park Ha Neul could not hide her confusion.

kang tae yang

According to information revealed on online communities after the broadcast, Kang Tae Yang’s real name is Kang Cheon Il. He is also known as a Pilates instructor. In particular, Kang Cheon Il starred in the musical “Wild Wild” directed by Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha. “Wild Wild” is a 19+ show exclusively for women in which male actors appear covering only important parts of their bodies and performing pole dances, fashion shows, etc. It premiered in October last year. 

At the time the musical was introduced, Narsha said, “We are considerate of each other and doing our best so that we can provide more fun and attractions to the audience during difficult times”, adding “Starting with this performance, I hope the public in Korea will be able to freely access these performances like those in foreign countries, and approach them as a play or a culture”, expressing her determination.

Source: wikitree

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