Jackson Wang (GOT7) gets a lot of attention for being kind towards a little girl

Jackson Wang earned many compliments from netizens and fans because he was so gentle and charming.

Jackson Wang, a prominent member of GOT7, had a really sweet moment that has Chinese netizens going crazy. The arrival of Jackson Wang and his crew at a shopping center was captured on video by a netizen. He was strolling normally when he suddenly stopped for a moment because of a little girl in a gorgeous dress.

Having to watch this moment over and over again, Cnets realized that it turned out that her dress belt had slipped down. Jackson Wang seems to have been very observant when he discovered this detail, so he immediately adjusted the baby’s dress straps.

On the forums, Chinese netizens gave many compliments to the handsome GOT7: “Jackson is so sweet”, “What a delicate man”, “What a sweetheart, super cute”, “I like Jackson because his intelligent, humorous personality, but actually Jackson is also very attentive and has subtle gestures”,…

Previously, Jackson also received many compliments during a performance with sexy rapper Jessi. In the accidental moment that Jessi grabbed the male singer’s wrist and the male singer’s hand almost touched the female colleague’s body. The male idol immediately had a reflex to spread his hand, trying his best to create a certain distance from Jessi’s body.

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