October Girl Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings: aespa Winter ranked No.1

As a result of big data analysis of girl group individual brand reputation in October 2021, aespa Winter dominated the 1st place while BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa in order ranked No.2 and No.3.

The Korean Business Research Institute extracted big data of 579 girl group members from September 17th, 2021 to October 17th, 2021 to analyze big data on girl group individual brand reputation. The brand reputation rankings were determined through an analysis of consumer behaviors, which is sorted into participation index, media index, communication index and community index.

aespa Winter led the Girl Group Individual Brand Reputation Rankings in October 2021 with an overall index of 3,889,780. In details, Winters indexes recorded 1,316,804 in participation, 1,012,363 in media, 788,289 in communication and 772,325 in community. Compared to her September brand reputation index (2,258,742), this month’s figure rose 72.71%.

Girl Group individual brand reputation October 2021

According to the director of the Korean Business Research Institute, the high-ranking words related to Winter are “chic”, “strong”, “appear”. Meanwhile, his highest-ranking keywords are “Youtube”, “KWANGYA’s daughter” and “Savage”.

In 2nd place, BLACKPINK Jennie witnessed a decrease of 26.25% in her October brand reputation index (3,273,660) compared to her September figure (4,439,041). In addition, Jennie recorded the highest score in communication index, with 1,224,555 while the lowest was her participation index (545,123).

Girl Group individual brand reputation October 2021

The third place went to another member of BLACKPINK, Lisa. She also saw a fall of 40.13% in her brand reputation index, from 5,365,468 in September to only 3,212,231 in October.

Girl Group individual brand reputation October 2021

The 4th and 5th place continued to be dominated by 2 members of aespa, Karina and Giselle. Karina’s index rose 36.26% from 2,357,253 in September to reach 3,212,053 in October. Meanwhile, the No.5 Giselle witnessed a sharp increase of 84.18% in her brand reputation figure in October (2,185,354).

Girl Group individual brand reputation October 2021
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Other female idols ranking from No.6 to No.30 were aespa NingNing, BLACKPINK Jisoo, Red Velvet Joy, MAMAMOO Hwasa, LOONA Chuu, fromis_9 Song Ha-young, TWICE Mina, BLACKPINK Rosé, ITZY Lia, ITZY Ryujin, Girls’ Generation Yoona, Oh My Girl Arin, ITZY Yeji, Girls’ Generation Sooyoung, MAMAMOO Solar, Cherry Bullet Jiwon, Purple Kiss Suan, STAYC Seeun, ITZY Chaeryeong, Girls’ Generation Seohyun, Oh My Girl Hyojung, ITZY Yuna, fromis_9 Lee Na-kyung, Oh My Girl Binne, and fromis_9 Lee Chae-young.

Source: Stardailynews

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