Knetz point out why Koreans celebs shouldn’t go to school: Park Bo Young – Taemin are victims, but is it convincing?

Taemin (SHINee), Park Bo Young, “use-to-be child actress” Kim Sae Ron and many other Korean stars have been victims of violence when they went to school just because they are… celebrities.

 In recent years, fans of the Korean entertainment industry must be familiar with the appearance of new and young faces. Their popularity of course brings them many good things but also causes difficulties. In particular, the child stars who are active in the industry too soon can easily become victims of bullying at schools.

 Recently, on a famous Korean forum, there suddenly appeared a post that caught attention: “I understand why Korean stars should not go to school even though they are still in school age”. Here, the poster took examples of the typical victims who were bullied at school: Kim Sae Ron, Park Bo Young and Taemin (SHINee). These three all became famous at a young age, because their success came too early, they unfortunately became victims of school violence.

 Kim Sae Ron

 Kim Sae Ron is one of the young actresses with an admirable achievement in Korea.  And her popularity used to cause the actress to face school violence.

It was shared in the post, “When she was a student, Kim Sae Ron became very popular after starring in the movie The Man From Nowhere. After finishing filming and going back to school, curses were written all over her desk, her shoes were even stolen by other kids.”

 Park Bo Young

 Park Bo Young started acting at the age of 16, when she was in high school. Because the actress is famous, the students at her school couldn’t help but envy her. Although she started acting later than Kim Sae Ron, Park Bo Young also encountered a similar situation of being bullied.

 The post pointed out, “At the time when the movie Scandal Makers became well-known, Park Bo Young gradually became more popular. When she finished her schedule and returned to school, she discovered that the desk drawer was full of trash”.

 Taemin (SHINee)

 Debuted under SM Entertainment when he was still in high school, so everyone at school knew Taemin.  However, instead of being admired and idolized, Taemin became a victim of school violence and sasaeng fans.

 “When he was in high school, sasaeng fans watched Taemin’s every movement, took photos and made jokes when he fell. He was even harassed by 3 bullies, kicked to the table and insulted. Every day, hundreds of fans gather at the school gate, follow Taemin closely everywhere to see him. He tried to lower his face to avoid them but couldn’t.”

 In response to these stories, most netizens agreed that it is better for the young celebs that got famous too early to not go to school. Even many comments analyzed and pointed out that it is their popularity that is the double-edged sword that causes them to be bullied and get unwanted attention at school.

 However, this opinion is one-way and not really convincing, because initial education is very important, especially in teenagers.  Not to mention, celebs can completely enroll in art schools, where there are many other stars of their age.

 Some top comments of netizens:

 – I don’t know why many of their classmates even make up a story that the celebrities bully them.

 – My friend who lives in the same neighborhood s Kim Sae Ron said that she was cursed with writing in parks, on brick walls and restaurants.

 – It seems that young female stars are more likely to be victims.

 – Wouldn’t it be easier to be friends with celebrities?  How cruel!

 – Even a trainee can be bullied at school.

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