IVE’s 7th member revealed? Yoona’s cover dance at age 34 is center-level

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona covers IVE’s Kitsch, showcasing her youthful appearance and dance skills, sparking discussion.

On May 14th, Girls’ Generation member and actress Yoona held “2023 HAPPY YOONA ‘Wonderful Party’” at Yonsei University Centennial Memorial Concert Hall.


In particular, she held a mini concert and party with fans to celebrate her birthday on May 30th.

At the event, Yoona, known as the center of Girls’ Generation, perfectly covered the songs “Ditto” by NewJeans, and “Kitsch” by IVE.

In particular, she flaunted her stunning beauty, which would make her fit as the 7th member of IVE right away, wearing a pink crop top, a mini skirt, and a denim jacket.


In the released cover video, Yoona showed her stunning dance lines with her long arms and legs, alongside a relaxed appearance and constant smile. 

After successfully finishing the concert, Yoona expressed her love for fans through her official Instagram account, saying, “I was happy to be with you today, SONE (fandom of Girls’ Generation) and I are one.”


Netizens who saw Yoona’s cover dance of the 4th generation girl group reacts explosively and left various comments. In particular, they said things such as, “She would win if she competed for center right now”, “True Girls’ Generation center Yoongprodite (Yoona and Aphrodite)”, “She could steal the spotlight with her beauty”, “Such a perfect cover, is she IVE or NewJeans?”, and “Please debut as an idol again, we will pretend we don’t know.”


Meanwhile, Yoona will be acting with 2PM member and actor Lee Jun Ho in JTBC’s new drama “King the Land”.

“King the Land” is a story of a man, Goo Won, who despises laughter, and “Smile Queen” Cheon Sa Rang, who must laugh, creating a truly bright day in the VVIP lounge “King the Land”, which is the dream of hoteliers. The drama will premiere on June 17th.

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