Lee Da Hae confessed to Se7en, who she has been dating for 7 years: “The more I look at him, the more I got attracted to him”

Actress Lee Da Hae appeared as a cameo on a reality show that her boyfriend, Se7en, was being a guest to cheer for him.

In the latest episode of MBC’s show “Point of Omniscient Interfere” aired on August 28, videos of Se7en and manager Kim Ik Hyun were broadcasted.


Se7en revealed his neat and tidy house through the footage. Everything in his house was arranged in its exact position. He said that he is the kind of person who would pursue a hobby till the end when he started it. Therefore, he got into wine recently and has just received a certificate as a qualified sommelier. In the video, Se7en was watching a program about golf, then suddenly, he got up, wore his white fur gloves on, and patted the figures. He explained that he wanted to remove the dust on them.

After cleaning for a while, Se7en opened his refrigerator. Everything in his fridge had also been arranged tidily. He took out some ingredients, made a milkshake, and drank it. However, while drinking, he spilled some on the floor. Seeing the scene, Lee Young Ja jokingly said, “Is it the first time you make a milkshake?”. Se7en answered, “My girlfriend (actress Lee Da Hae) used to make it for me many times, and she taught me how to make it.”

After that, Se7en got into his car and felt a bit awkward when he saw too many cameras installed in it. While talking with his manager, Se7en enjoyed recalling the memories of his debut days. He said that he joined a reality program called “Match Made In Heaven” starring Kang Ho Dong even before his first appearance on music shows.

Then, comedian Kim Jun Ho visited Se7en’s house, and Se7en called his girlfriend, Lee Da Hae. Se7en handed over the phone to Kim Jun Ho and he greeted Lee Da Hae. They seemed to be close as Kim Joon Ho even did an impersonation of Jang Hyuk’s voice. He also asked if she could appear on his new content about zombies that he was making. Then, Kim Jun Ho jokingly asked, “Haven’t you got tired of Se7en?”. Lee Da Hae replied with a sweet comment, “The more I look at him, the more I got attracted to him”, showing off their affection as a couple which has been dating for 7 years already.


Lee Da Hae was worrying about Se7en’s appearance on the show, she said, “He’s really funny, but he would not be like that on camera. It’s a reality show but he cares a lot about the cameras and may keep thinking about what he should do.” Kim Jun Ho said he was trying to make more footage for himself, then Se7en immediately asked, “You haven’t appeared much on the show, so you tried to use ‘Lee Da Hae’s chance’?”. Lee Da Hae said that Se7en is quite a mysterious stubborn man and added, “But I don’t care. I want to post the photos of us on my SNS, but maybe we are too old to do that.”

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