5 months after the incident related to Kwon Mina, Seol Hyun opened a Youtube channel

The SNS account of AOA’s Seol Hyun has recently received great attention from fans.

Seol Hyun

On August 18, a link was attached to Seol Hyun’s Instagram profile. When fans clicked on the link, it switched to a newly-opened Youtube channel named “Shinning by Seol Hyun”. The female singer has not made any announcement, yet her Youtube channel opening seems to be enough to cheer fans.

No video has yet been uploaded on the Youtube channel as of the morning of August 19. However, the number of subscribers already exceeded 2.24 million people.

When AOA’s former member Kwon Mina exposed the “bullying scandal” and gave one-sided claims, the female idol refrained from using SNS, stayed low, and hardly appeared in public. It’s been 5 months since her latest post in March.

After starring in the tvN’s drama “Awaken”, which ended in January, she did not appear on any shows or films.

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