Kwon Mina can’t let go of SNS, the reason for criticizing Seolhyun

Kwon Mina, the former member of AOA, who declared to her fans that she would stop her social media activities, is unable to take her hands off SNS.

Kwon Mina can't let go of SNS, the reason for criticizing Seolhyun

Kwon Mina, through her Instagram live broadcast at the dawn of the 5th, said, “It is true that that man cheated on me, being foxy to me. I want to sincerely apologize to the ex-girlfriend, her acquaintances and her family”

She continued, “I will cut off DM (direct message) contact with fans in the future. In this case, I am definitely the perpetrator, and it is my fault,” she bowed her head.

Kwon Mina can't let go of SNS, the reason for criticizing Seolhyun

Added to it, she said, “I admit it was my fault to let the story about the jilted spread. After this live broadcast, I will not be on social media for a while,” she declared.

However, Kwon Mina did not give up on her Instagram as she said. She even revealed in that day’s live broadcast, “There is an AOA member who likes having sex.”

A netizen commented, “Articles about the member who likes sex did appear, and the community is sexually harassing and blaming who it is. The members got hurt once again, are you going to take responsibility for what you did?” To this, Kwon Mina replied, “Ah, that’s Shin Jimin.”

When another netizen asked, “Why did you write Seolhyun’s name in the will?”, Kwon Mina said, “There was a legitimate reason for that. An ultimate betrayal. Like she has been like a bat? (Being like a bat is like two-timing, or easily leaving friends to chase benefits) It seems like she is in a high position so she would not care what I become, but there is a detailed document written there, and I’ll post it when I find it.”

She continued, “For reference, Seolhyun and I were very close and depended on each other since we came (to the campus) on the same day. Still, there was a reason as I mentioned,” she added.

Kwon Mina claimed that she was harassed by AOA leader Jimin in July of last year.

She claimed that Jimin didn’t let her visit her sick father, even in his dying moments. She also said due to that shock she suffered from depression and made extreme choices.

After Kwon Mina’s exposure, Jimin withdrew from AOA. After that, Kwon Mina publicly attacked her on Instagram, saying, “Kim Seolhyun, Shin Jimin, and Han Seongho are people who drove a healthy person to death.”

On the other hand, Kwon Mina posted a photo of herself with a non-celebrity male on her Instagram on the 26th of last month and declared publicly her relationship. But it turned out her boyfriend had had a girlfriend for 3 years. The ex-girlfriend posted evidence of her relationship with Kwon Mina’s new boyfriend, including KakaoTalk messages, on the online community, so Mina received many criticisms. Now Kwon Mina has broken up with her boyfriend. 

Source: Nate

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