Doctor Who Cured Kim Woo-bin And Yoon Do-hyun’s Rare Cancers Hangs The Two’s Pictures In Treatment Room

Singer Yoon Do-hyun talked about the process of getting completely cured of a rare cancer

The broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” on September 27th featured the guest appearance of “rock legend” Yoon Do-hyun.

Yoon Do-hyun-kim woo bin

On August 10th, Yoon Do-hyun confessed that he had been fighting cancer. The male singer said he was diagnosed with cancer during a medical examination in 2021 and was completely cured after three years of treatment.

He got medical checkups every year and received a written result paper every time. However, that time, the hospital called him.

Yoon Do-hyun-kim woo bin

Yoon Do-hyun shared, “They said I got cancer. At that moment, I was very shocked and completely taken aback. My mind went blank”.

After a follow-up medical examination, they found out that the cancer had already developed five years ago. As it progressed little by little, the previous regular medical checkups couldn’t detect it.

Yoon Do-hyun confessed, “The first treatment failed, and after careful consideration, I decided to do radiation therapy for the second treatment. I had no choice but to tell my parents about the cancer because radiation therapy would make me become physically weak.”

Yoon Do-hyun-kim woo bin

Surprisingly, the doctor who conducted radiation therapy for me was the same doctor who cured actor Kim Woo-bin’s cancer.

Yoon Do-hyun explained, “When I consulted with the doctor in the room for the Department of Radiation Oncology, I saw a picture of Kim Woo-bin”, adding “The doctor said, ‘When you are cured, I will also hang your picture there so that many other patients can gain more strength’.”

Yoon Do-hyun-kim woo bin

Earlier in 2017, Kim Woo-bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and went on a long hiatus to fight the disease.

He recently returned to activities in good health and has been praying for all patients who fight rare diseases for 4 years. 

Yoon Do-hyun also impressed the public by carrying out various activities, including performances, radio programs, and musicals, even when he was sick.

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