BLACKPINK and BTS: friendly together despite their constantly fighting fandoms 

Before BLACKPINK and BTS started to abstain from year-end award ceremonies, they had several cute interactions together. 

BLACKPINK and BTS are undoubtedly 2 of the most famous Kpop groups of the moment. With immense impact on international grounds, the two groups are also considered “rivals”, and their fandoms are always neck to neck, comparing each and every achievement. Despite this “hostility” between fans, however, BLACKPINK and BTS are actually on friendly terms, and as dating rumors between Jennie and V arise, several people are digging up rare yet cute moments between the two groups.

BTS jamming to the stage of BLACKPINK, who were rookies at the time 

Back in 2016, neither BTS and BLACKPINK experienced the same popularity they do now, and at the time, BLACKPINK was known as the “monster rookie” of YG. As the group were still going to award ceremonies at the time, BTS got to see BLACKPINK deliver stunning stages, and understandably vibed with them. In fact, from 2016 to 2018, there are plenty of stages showing BTS’ excited reaction to the now leading girl group. 

BTS V’s reaction to BLACKPINK Jennie’s solo performance 

In November 2018, Jennie became the first member of BLACKPINK to make a solo debut, kick-starting various individual activities of the 4 BLACKPINK members. As a result, Jennie also delivered solo performances at year-end awards, and BTS V also watched her stages. 

BLACKPINK Lisa calling BTS V “oppa” on the Celine red carpet 

Prior to dating rumors with Jennie, V and Lisa received enthusiastic responses with their cute interaction at a Celine event. Here, V, who attended as and honorable guest, and Lisa, who is the brand’s global ambassador, traveled on the same flight, possibly stayed in the same hotel, and walked the red carpet with famous actor Park Bo Gum, It was also noticed that Lisa called V “oppa” – a Korean term of address, which is often used by a female person with a close older male. 

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