Netizens were surprised at the people who took this 4-cut photo with Jeon So-mi

Singer Jeon So-mi gave an unforgettable gift to fans whom she accidentally met on the street.

A post titled, “Jeon So-mi took a 4-cut photo with fans whom she met by chance”, was posted on several online communities. In the released picture, Jeon So-mi was standing in between fans and showed a bright expression. She also did her signature pose in front of the camera.

Jeon So-mi fans

In response to this, netizens commented, “This must be their most memorable moments”, “I also met Jeon So-mi in Japan; she agreed right away when I asked to take a picture with her”. Other Internet users also showed various reactions such as, “She’s so pretty even when using a mask”, “Her fan service is so amazing”, “I envy them”, “Even though the company told us not to take a photo of her, but I heard she told fans to keep the photos.”

Jeon So-mi fans


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