Lee Jin Ho: “The former idol star suspected of infidelity is UN Choi Jung Won”

Is Choi Jung Won the famous celebrity A who is accused of being a homewrecker? Youtuber Lee Jin Ho shares what he knows.

On Jan 9th, YouTube channel “Entertainment President Lee Jin Ho” posted a video titled “The true nature of Choi Jung Won’s private Kakaotalk…Why is the husband screaming?“.

In the video, Lee Jin Ho claimed that the main character A, a former idol, is Choi Jung Won from the group UN. Prior to disclosing A’s identity, Lee Jin Ho shared how the husband was damaged by the cheating couple.

Choi Jung-won

B, the mentioned husband in his 40s, shared, “A sent messages such as ‘I miss you,’ ‘Let’s go for a drink,’ and ‘Let’s see each other often’. He often calls my wife and takes her to his house often as well. When I asked, he said they had already dated before we got married. He knew she was a married woman, but still approached her intentionally and met regularly. This ruined my family. My wife has taken our son to her parents’ home,” he said.

Lee Jin-ho said, “After the interview, he has decided to disclose the related information. The reason for this is how A ruined his family and hurt his child. The child had to see his mother and father break up due to A. Choi Jung Won of UN is said to be the person involved in this case.

Choi Jung Won then contacted B’s wife C in May last year. At that time, C’s KakaoTalk profile picture was a picture of her husband and son. Choi Jung Won knew that she was a married woman. The decisive issue occurred on May 27th. On this day, Choi Jung won and C promised to go to Han River to drink.

Choi Jung-won

Lee Jin Ho continued that B claimed Choi Jung Won wanted to go to his house with C, which C agreed to. In fact, Choi Jung Won also admitted this fact. However, the two sides disagree over what happened at Choi’s home. B said that with more than 30 minutes of free time at Choi Jung Won’s house, he could not know what they had done together.

However, Choi Jung Won said they didn’t do anything. C said in her memorandum, “I have nothing to say about his accusation of me cheating. This will never happen again. It is true that Choi Jung Won and I linked arms when we walked, but nothing happened at Choi Jung Won’s house except for sharing personal stories.” Lee Jin Ho added, “When B questioned his wife, she told him that she used to date Choi Jung Won in the past.

In addition, Lee Jin Ho said, “Even after that, Choi Jung Won said he would teach C how to ride a bicycle, and B said he can’t help but doubted his wife who bought a bicycle. This eventually broke their family. It was a sensitive issue, so B contacted Choi Jung Won directly, but Choi Jung Won denied it. Even though B said he had secured their chat log, Choi quickly hung up the phone, saying, ‘It’s not true.’

Lee Jin Ho added that B had filed a lawsuit against Choi Jung Won in December last year.

Source: Herald Pop

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