Here’s why 37-year-old Jay Park is nicknamed “Kangaroo”: His parents still wash his undies?

Jay Park talked about living with his parents.

On January 8th, a video featuring Jay Park was posted on the YouTube channel “Psick Univ”.

In the video, Lee Yong Joo asked Jay Park, “I’m not sure if this is a rumor or not, but are you from Australia?” Jay Park said, “No. I like Australia though. I like kangaroos and koalas.”

Jay Park

Lee Yong Joo said, “I heard that you’re from Australia because you are ‘Kangaroo tribe’.” Jung Jae Hyung asked, “Do you live with your mother?”, and Jay Park confirmed. Lee Yong Joo said, “That’s a kangaroo tribe.”

Kim Min Soo was shocked and said, “Are you still living with your parents?” Jay Park responded, “Technically, I bought the house so they live with me. I invited them in, so it’s a little different.”

Jay Park

Kim Min Soo continued, “Anyway, you still do live with your parents?” Jung Jae Hyung asked, “So your parents wash your undies, right?” Jay Park answered, “That’s right.” Kim Min Soo then said, “That’s why you’re Kangaroo.”

Jay Park “explained” himself, saying, “But I am a filial son.”  Kim Min Soo replied, “You moving out is being a good son, you know.”

Jay Park

Lee Yong Joo laughed, saying, “If you wanna say that you look after them, you have to wash their undies.”  Jung Jae Hyung chimed in, “You have to cook for them too.”

In response, Jay Park said, “I have to come here and film the Psick Show, so I can’t be at home washing my parents’ underwear. I have to work. I have to come here. I have to sell soju”, making everyone laugh.

Source: Naver. 

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