IVE attracts attention from local media on their first visit to the Philippines for fan concert “The Prom Queens”

The girl group IVE made headlines in the Philippines with their first Asian fan concert tour “The Prom Queens”.

IVE held a press conference on June 16th, a day before their first fan concert “The Prom Queens” in Manila, the Philippines on June 17th.

25 media outlets, including major Philippine news channel GMA News and ABS-CBN News, attended the press conference and showed keen interest in IVE’s first visit to the Philippines as well as their fan concert.


In particular, GMA News quickly reported an interview with IVE before their show and realized the popularity of IVE in this country. During the interview, IVE members revealed excitement about their first meeting with Filipino fans and stimulated anticipation by hinting at performances of b-side songs and unit stages as the key points of “The From Queens” fan concert.

Moreover, during the interview, IVE also showcased their special affection for the Philippines by trying to learn Filipino and expressing their extraordinary love for local fans.

Earlier, IVE successfully wrapped up their fan concert “The Prom Queens” in Korea and Japan. In particular, the girl group proved their hot popularity by entering arena concert halls and quickly selling out 8 shows, 4 in Tokyo and 4 in Kobe, even though it was their first solo concert in Japan.


Through “The Prom Queens”, IVE is delivering diverse stages of hit songs, covers, unit performances, game corners, and more, allowing them to interact more with fans. Therefore, attention is focused on the fan concert that IVE will present in Manila on June 17th.

After the concert in Manila, IVE will continue to visit Asian fans with more shows of “The Prom Queens” in Taipei, Singapore, and Bangkok. 

Source: imbc

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