Chinese netizens are angry that Luhan and Kun were taken by the media to illustrate the ban on emaciated male stars

Luhan, Kun, Zhu Zhengting were suddenly “spotted” in China’s anti-weird-aesthetic regulations.

According to the Sina website reported on September 2, the General Department of Radio and Television has just issued a notice requesting not to broadcast idol programs, especially resolutely eliminating the phenomenon of effeminating, melodious, and feminizing masculinity.

Notably, some stars such as Luhan, Kun, and Zhu Zhengting were suddenly taken by many Chinese news sites to illustrate the ban on emaciated male stars.

Accordingly, netizens immediately “dug” up the moments when these three male stars were criticized for wearing unisex clothes and bold makeup. Besides, when you type the search term “female star”, the image of Luhan, Kun, and Zhu Zhengting will appear.

The fan communities of these artists got angry as their idols are being used as an example of this incident. Meanwhile, many netizens believe the rule banning “effeminate” male celebrities is sexist.

Many unnamed sources claim that Chinese authorities are preventing the occurrence of “aesthetic distortion,” or girly, feminine imagery, which are thought to be the root cause of China’s masculinity crisis.

Since the end of 2018, Chinese media has been outspoken in its condemnation of the trend of males being feminized and losing their intrinsic masculine image. However, it is not until now that the above regulation is officially applied.

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