IU and Lee Jong Suk to Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah, star couples’ opinions on marriage

There are many star couples who proudly display their love lives and share their feelings candidly about marriage. 

In the past, even when celebrities were in public relationships, they showed passive attitudes. Recently, however, star couples have been uploading photos together or revealing their honest thoughts about their relationship without necessarily having marriage in mind.

Below are some notable star couples in public relationships, whose past remarks are drawing attention. 

Hani ♥ Yang Jae Woong in a 3-year relationship, “Marriage is not essential”

In 2022, Hani revealed her 2-year relationship with Yang Jae Woong, a specialist in psychiatry and a broadcaster. Since Hani was born in 1992, and Yang Jae Woong in 1982, the couple has a 10-year age gap. 

Recently, Hani became a hot topic by uploading photos taken with her father and boyfriend Yang Jae Woong. 


On April 13th, Hani mentioned this in an interview related to the Disney+ original series “Call It Love”. In particular, the idol-actress said, “I don’t think marriage is essential. My father has never seen my boyfriend before, so we had dinner together. I was very worried, but the conversation went well, and I wanted to remember that day. We also took photos together.”

“I think my father is relieved”, Hani also added, “He’s from the Gyeongsang Province, so he didn’t show a lot of emotion well, but he seemed satisfied that his daughter was living her life well.”

Jung Kyung Ho ♥ Sooyoung who have been dating for 11 years, “Marriage? When the time comes”

Actor Jung Kyung Ho and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung started dating in 2012 and confirmed their relationship in 2014. The two have become one of the longest-running couples in the entertainment industry, showing their love by sending food trucks to filming sets and mentioning their relationship on broadcasts.


In an interview for the movie “Men of Plastic”m Jung Kyung Ho said, “We’ll get married when the time comes,” adding, “Nothing specific has been decided yet.” 

The actor also confessed that Sooyoung is the only person he talks to the most, showing his affections. At the VIP screening of “Men of Plastic”, Sooyoung came to watch the movie and Jung Kyung Ho said, “She said it was fun. Sooyoung is also an actress, so she doesn’t directly mention acting, but we support each other a lot.”

New couple IU ♥ Lee Jong Suk, “If I find a person I love, I want to go public and get married first.”

IU and Lee Jong Suk confirmed their romantic relationship on December 31st of last year. Afterwards, the two became a hot topic by confessing their love through their fan cafe. Lee Jong Suk’s past comments about his relationship also came to light again due to their dating news.


In the past, Lee Jong Suk said on a broadcast, “I think it’s better to have a public relationship if I find a person I love. Actually, I also want to skip dating and get married first.” 

Shin Min Ah ♥ Kim Woo Bin, getting married this year? “Become a husband like a friend at 35 years old”

Actors Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin have been in a public relationship for 8 years since 2015. As expectations for the long-term couple’s marriage grew, KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Company Live” re-examined Kim Woo Bin’s past remarks.


As a result, Kim Woo Bin’s comment about marriage in the past was revealed. In particular, when asked “When do you want to get married?”, he replied, “Around 35 years old.”  The actor also said that he thought about wanting to become a husband like a friend and a father.

Kim Woo Bin was born in 1989, so he is approaching 35 years old this year. As the age he hopes to get married approaches, there is hope that he will bring good news with Shin Min Ah.

Source: Daum 

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