Isn’t “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Kim Ga Eun and Kim Min Ki a couple with that chemistry?

The story of Prince Bogum and his mother is also widely loved by fans of the drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella.”

Actors Kim Ga Eun (33) and Kim Min Ki (20) are hidden beneficiaries of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” (written by Park Ba Ra, directed by Kim Hyung Sik), which ended in popularity on Dec 4th. The two actors, who worked together as mother and son in the show, drew attention from viewers by adding their own interesting narrative depicting the Joseon royal education war until the middle of the drama.

Among the princes with various charms and solid acting skills in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella,” Kim Min Ki played Prince Bogum, the “goody two-shoes” prince. Prince Bogum, who boasts both a handsome appearance and a smart brain, proudly won first place in the examination to select the Crown Prince’s study partner, making his mother Royal Consort Tae (Kim Ga Eun) happy.

kim min ki kim ga eun the queens umbrella

In particular, the two actors’ mother and son chemistry stood out. Royal Consort Tae’s heart eyes looking at her son while calling “Prince Bogum~” was said to be like calling her lover. The actual age difference between the two actors is 13. Of course, Kim Ga Eun is 13 years older than Kim Min Ki, but the combination of foolish Royal Consort Tae and the smart Prince Bogum created an atmosphere as sweet as any other couple.

In a recent interview with Star News, Kim Min Ki said, “I’ve heard a lot on the set and online that we don’t look like a mother and her son,” and added, “So I jokingly told my senior, ‘Isn’t this because you look so young?’ Because her tone of calling me was so addictive, the staff even copied her tone of ‘Prince Bogum~’ whenever they saw me.

kim min ki kim ga eun the queens umbrella

Kim Ga Eun said she did not expect such reactions from the viewers. The actress said, “I thought our age gap would be obvious because Kim Min Ki is so young. But Royal Consort Tae is also a young character, which might be why the viewers think of us like that. We also looked a lot alike. I’ve heard a lot from other actors that I look like him.”

Kim Ga Eun shared that she had made a lot of effort to get close to Kim Min Ki. She said, “In fact, we don’t have many scenes together. I just thought the emotional scene would be better if we got closer. Kim Min Ki is a bread lover, which is why I lured him in by buying him bread. Kim Min Ki also had a good personality,” she said.

Kim Min Ki also said, “I thought that I should get close to my mother (Kim Ga Eun) as soon as possible. But eventually, Kim Min Ki approached me first. We took selfies together and she gave me lots of bread. In my personal opinion, I think we are the closest mother and son on the show,” he confessed.

kim min ki kim ga eun the queens umbrella

Their highlight scene was the scene where Prince Bogum cried in Royal Consort Tae So Yong’s arms. The appearance of Royal Consort Tae comforting Prince Bogum, who had to give up the crown prince competition due to his inherent limitations, aroused regret from viewers. Regarding Kim Ga Eun, Kim Min Gi said, “She made me feel very comfortable. She helped me a lot when filming important scenes.”

Kim Ga Eun, who is unmarried, confessed that she had a lot of difficulties while acting out the motherly love for Prince Bogum.

Source: Star News

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