The Korean entertainment industry in which senior-junior relationships can sometimes be determined by appearance fees

“The person with the highest appearance fee is a senior”

Sometimes, we joke around and say something like, “If you have a lot of money, you’re the sunbae (senior)”. The same situation actually happens in the entertainment industry. This is why many details, such as appearance fees, personal building prices, and CF fees, are normally disclosed through various media outlets.

Of course, all these publicized figures related to celebrities are not always accurate, but the star-level appearance fees of famous celebrities are no longer something confidential. Meanwhile, several interesting stories from a filming site have been revealed. Like any other filming crew, there were so many actors, including top stars, famous stars, and rookies, gathering together.

the appearance fees

Among them, celebrity A – the main character, told senior B, “Sunbae~ Let’s have a get-together to become closer”. Upon hearing this, B said, “Okay. But by the way… I think the person with the highest appearance fee is a senior”, drawing a moment of silence.

It is true at this filming set that there are big differences in the appearance fees among celebrities. This has resulted in the bad atmosphere of the filming, and each other’s feelings have already been hurt. An official said, “No one tried to adjust the situation. I have never seen such different atmospheres when onscreen and offscreen”, adding, “A’s arrogant attitude and B’s remark, saying, ‘I’m working hard as much as I get paid’, seems to have reflected the atmosphere. In the end, everyone’s feelings were hurt just by words.”

“I have seen an opportunist like that person!”

Celebrity C, who has many female fans and is known for his manly image, is reported to have been hated by entertainment industry officials these days. Eventually, even other celebrities who work together with C also criticize him intensely, saying, “C is such an opportunist”.

It is said to result from C showing more and more signs of his two-faced attitudes. C has been considered a very cool entertainer who has been close to many male celebrities for a while and also emphasized loyalty. However, there is a rumor revealing that he is very nice to people who are famous or doing relatively well and ignores those who are not like that. Then, it was said that an unexpected situation happened recently. C treated celebrity D nicely with all his heart because he wanted to be recognized. However, C’s effort went in vain due to D’s decisive words.

the appearance fees

D told an entertainment official, “I know C’s really good at treating me like a senior. However, I’m well aware that he treats some other celebrities and officials harshly. That’s why I hate C’s duality.”Despite this atmosphere, the quick-witted C is said to have surprised those around him by saying, “D is a senior that I really respect.”

“My celebrity is really stingy when it comes to spending money!”

The people who always spend much time and worry about celebrities are their managers. However, recently, a manager complained about the spending of celebrity E, who he has been working with for a long time. The reason is that E is stingy with him.

This manager talked about E, “E doesn’t know how to treat people well because she easily became a star as soon as she debuted. She’s even stingy with the manager who has to take care of her.” He complained, “The manager who E worked with during her debut days also left because of this aspect. I’ve been working with E based on trust for a long time, but I don’t have any car or house.”

the appearance fees

This story is continuing to circulate outside, but E is not aware of it. Besides, it is even more unfortunate that she is leaving everything to her manager, starting from the housework. An official close to E could not hide her dreariness, “E and the manager have been working together for a long time, but he keeps saying things like this about E. She was never stingy when it came to payment, and I don’t understand if he was saying that she didn’t give him gifts. I think I have to tell E about this now.”

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