The hilarious “stage accident” of BLACKPINK Rosé, throwing her mic and stealing from Jisoo

The “technical mistake” of BLACKPINK Rosé in a recent concert is causing the group’s fans to burst out in laughter. 

On November 30th (local time), BLACKPINK resumed their world tour with a performance in London, the UK. Here, a viral moment emerged, where BLACKPINK Rosé can be seen “throwing her mic” away. 

In particular, Rosé was excitedly throwing paper confetti to fans, only to accidentally throw her microphone down as well. Since the stage was rather high off the ground, the female idol panicked, worrying that she might have broken the equipment. 

blackpink rose jennie concert
Rosé showed panic when she accidently threw her microphone off the stage
blackpink rose jennie concert
The moment when Rosé threw her microphone alongside paper confetti 
blackpink rose concert
Rosé’s worried expression

Even more hilarious, Rosé then “robbed” the mic of Jisoo in order to perform her part. Jisoo, who suddenly got her mic stolen, showed an iconic confused face and made fans burst out in laughter.

blackpink rose jisoo concert
Fans cannot hold back their laugh at Jisoo’s confusion when Rosé “stole” her mic
On the other hand, after taking a short break in Korea, BLACKPINK is carrying out the European leg of their BORN PINK world tour. 

Source: k14

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