Invisible concerns are following KPOP’s fandoms: Queen’s, LEGGO, Ahgase, ReVeluv, A.R.M.Y, Blink & iKONIC

Let’s unburden our deepest feelings and thoughts for our idols!

2017 will come to an end in only 2 weeks. Have you ever wondered, what have we done and lost in this year? To Kpop fandoms, 2017 has marked a lot of important events, including the international expansion of Hallyu and the breakthrough of the new idol generation. However, at the same time, 2017 also brought so much loss, sadness and disunion to Kpop fans.

From that concerning fact, let’s unburden invisible concerns of every fandom. Let’s listen to the biggest Kpop fandoms’ deepest thoughts which have hardly been shared.


What will happen when T-ara’s contract expires? In the next 2 weeks, their contract with MBK will end but there are no articles mentioning about their upcoming plans. It will be a perfect ending if Soyeon and Boram come back to the group, but T-ara may remain their formation with 4 members as they do now. Or else, in the worst case, nobody is fond of T-ara and the group officially disbands. 8 years that Queen’s and T-ara have been together disappear like a dream.

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EXID’s promotions for “DDD” revealed how much 5 members of the group wanted to stand together on the stage. However, Solji’s health still does not allow her to be back. Will there still enough time for the strong leader to come back and reunite with other 4 pieces? LEGGO also wish that, their management company will not announce that Solji has to leave the group due to her health. They really do hope that it WILL NEVER happen.

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GOT7 has been working very hard and well-known by a lot of international fans, but they still do not have a stable position in your own country. Everyone is afraid of the fact that GOT7 will keep promoting steadily but can’t have a breakthrough, and finally, their company let each of them follow their own career. Then, gradually, the name GOT7 will quietly disappear. Nobody except for Ahgase will remember those 7 talented and wonderful boys!


5 Red Velvet girls have gone 3 out of 7 years of their contract with SM Entertainment. After 4 more years, when their contract expires, Irene will be 31 years old, will she still be together with 4 other pieces? More than anyone else, ReVeluv understand that, age is a challenge that will affect the future of Irene as well ad Red Velvet. At the moment, Irene is still very beautiful and young, but in the next 4 years, nobody knows if her appearance will become a pressure for her.


BTS is on the top of their career, which even Kpop non-fan have to accept. However, in ARMY’s deepest thoughts, Jin’s upcoming military enlistment is still a concern. No matter he wants it or not, his military enlistment will surely affect the group’s current success.

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Together with the changes of Korean military regulations, men do not need to reach a certain age to enlist the military. It’s possible that Jin will be required to enlist the military earlier like some other artists from SM, YG, JYP… Besides that, the difference in BTS’s members’ ages even makes their military enlistment schedules more complicated and interrupted. If they do not enlist the military at the same time, there’s a high chance that A.R.M.Y will hardly see a comeback of all of 7 members.

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The common thing between Black Pink and iKON is their possibilities to “become strangers who used to be acquainted” with Korean audiences. According to YG’s plans, many people think that after their next comebacks, they will focus more on Japanese markets and leave their positions for new groups who will soon debut develop. Unfortunately, neglecting their schedules in their country will make them lose loyal fans who used to support them since their debut.
The Kpop history used to witness many cases where idols’ career were unstable because they did not have a strong national fandom. Will Black Pink and iKON face the same issue? It totally depends on YG Entertainment’s decision.

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