IKON Kim Jinhwan & Koo Junhoe got into a car accident and was criticized for riding in a drunk driver’s car

iKON’s members Kim Jinhwan and Koo Junhoe were reported to have been in a car accident while riding with a drunk driver.

According to the Gyeongnam Provincial Newspaper on the 13th, a van skidded in the rain on National Road No.3 in Changseon-myeon, Namhae-gun at 3:40 a.m. June 13th, hitting a retaining wall along the highway. A total of three people, including driver A, Kim Jinhwan and Koo Junhoe were slightly injured and treated at a nearby hospital.

However, A was found to have been drunk after a breathalyzer test, and police are reportedly investigating the exact cause of the accident. 

“We believe that the accident was caused by drunk driving,” the police said. “We are investigating the exact circumstances of the accident.”

This is why netizens are increasingly criticizing the two iKON members and driver A.

Driver A who tried to drive in the rain while being drunk is also a problem, but many say that the two members, who let A take the wheel, are also guilty of abetting drunk driving.

In addition, it is fortunate that the car carrying the members only hit the retaining wall, but there is more criticisms because if the car collided with another vehicle, it could have led to severe casualties.

YG Entertainment, iKON’s agency, has yet to release an official announcement on the case.

Meanwhile, iKON made a comeback in February with their third mini-album ‘i DECIDE’ after a year and a month. Recently, they released a new video of “iKON-ON” and shared about their recent activities. 

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