“I haven’t contacted the members since I was kicked out of the group”… The story that Jessica wrote in her novel reminds netizens of Girls’ Generation

The content of Jessica’s novel “Shine” is being re-examined by netizens.

Singer Jessica, a former member of Girls’ Generation, is currently appearing on a Chinese audition program and dreaming of becoming an idol again.

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As the public’s interest in Jessica increased after she joined the show, the contents of her novel “Shine”, which was published in 2020, and the recently released sequel “Bright” are also drawing attention.

In the novel, there were many settings and details that remind readers of what Jessica went through during her activities with Girls’ Generation.

Rachel, the novel’s main character that represents Jessica herself, appears to be a member of the group “Girls Forever”.

In the novel, Rachel, who was kicked out of the group after establishing her own fashion business, expressed her painful feelings, “I haven’t contacted the members since the day I was kicked out of the group”.

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Other members, except Sun-hee, ignored Rachel and when Rachel was late or absent from concert practices, they gave her a cold gaze. 

Rachel said, “I called the members sisters. There were little jealousy and arguments between us but I’ve never thought they’d turn their backs on me this way.”

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Girls Forever consists of 9 members, including Rachel, Sun-hee, whose description is similar to Sunny, and Eun-ji, a top singer and the most beautiful member of the team. 

Rachel and Mina are portrayed to have many conflicts but deep down inside, they recognize and understand each other. 

jessica jung instagram

After reading “Shine”, netizens analyzed the similarities between Girls’Forever members in the novel and Girls’ Generation members.

It is pointed out that both groups have 9 members, they all performed in Los Angeles (LA), the U.S., and the appearances of most Girls Forever members reminiscent of Girls’ Generation members. 


Jessica promoted “Shine” as her autobiographical novel when she published it. A week after its publication, it was changed to fiction.


Meanwhile, Jessica is currently carrying out activities in Korea and overseas. She is also active as a Youtuber with more than 810,000 subscribers. 

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