Jang Dong Gun – Go So Young live in 14.5-billion-won apartment… Lee Byung Hun – Lee Min Jung made a profit of 10.6 billion won

Couples Jang Dong Gun – Go So Young, Lee Byung Hun – Lee Min Jung’s assets were revealed, drawing attention.

The Dec 22nd broadcast of KBS2’s “Entertainment company Live” looked into top star couples Jang Dong GunGo So Young, Lee Byung HunLee Min Jung‘s luxurious weddings as well as their assets.

Jang Dong Gun – Go So Young got married in May 2010. In particular, the dress Go So Young wore at that time was known to be worth about 20 million won.

Jang Dong Gun

The flower decoration was known to cost at least 10 million won, and the meal for guests was a top-notch course meal of 600,000 won per person.

Besides, couple “Jang-Go” are already well-known as rich people in terms of real estate. The 5-story Hannam-dong building owned by Jang Dong Gun was purchased for 12.6 billion won at that time, and its current estimated market price is at least 22 billion won.

Go So Young’s building, which won the Excellence Award at the 2008 Korea Architecture Awards, was previously purchased for 6 billion won, and its current market price is estimated to be more than 19 billion won.

Lee Byung Hun

In addition, Go So Young reportedly purchased a building in Songjeong-dong, which is close to Seongsu-dong, for 3.95 billion won this year.

The couple lives in an apartment in Cheongdam-dong with a sale price of about 14.5 billion won as of this year. The estimated market price of the couple’s 400-pyeong second house in Gapyeong, which won the World Architecture Award, was about 2.4 billion won.

Jang Dong-gun Go So-young

On the other hand, Lee Byung Hun – Lee Min Jung overcame the 12-year-old age gap and succeeded in getting married in August 2013. At that time, the dress Lee Min Jung wore at the main ceremony was about 50 million won, and the dress she wore at the press conference and reception cost more than 100 million won.

It is also known that the cost of remodeling the wedding hall for the two’s wedding reached hundreds of millions of won.

Couple “Hun-Jung” made a profit of 10.6 billion won by selling the building they purchased for 26 billion won after 3 years. In particular, they earned about 1.2 billion won in rental income every year before selling the building.

Lee Byung-hun Lee Min-jung

In addition, the couple’s luxury villa located in Cheongdam-dong was purchased for 3.18 billion won. Its current sale price is estimated at about 5 billion won.

Like Hollywood stars, the couple owned a second house in LA, USA with a purchase price of about 2.3 billion won. The insurance fee they had to pay every year was known to be about 10 million won.

Source: Daum

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