Irene’s biggest fanbase decided not to raise funds for Red Velvet’s next comeback

Irene Bar is the biggest fanbase and has an impressive number of album orders among the fanbases of Red Velvet members.

On June 9, fans of Red Velvet couldn’t help but be delighted with the news of their bias’ comeback.  Specifically, SM has officially confirmed that Red Velvet will return in August, 1 year and 8 months since the group’s last comeback with Psycho.

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Recently, fans are preparing to accumulate money to fully support the comeback that has been waiting for nearly 2 years. However, Irene Bar – the leader’s largest fan community in China has an announcement that makes everyone confused.  Specifically, a post on Irene Bar said that it will not raise funds for this comeback of Red Velvet. Besides, they only raise funds if the album has a non-random individual version.

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Many people have preconceived notions about Irene Bar’s decision. Originally, Irene Bar is the most popular fan station among Red Velvet members. Irene Bar is also the primary distributor of Red Velvet’s albums. Irene Bar just purchased albums equal to 1/4 of total sales throughout Irene and Seulgi’s Monster sub-unit debut.

Actually, Irene Bar’s decision is related to the current situation of fandoms in China.  Most of the reason is due to the influence of the “Youth With You” fans buying a lot of milk just to get the voting code for the trainees.  And to process this milk, they hired people to pour it into the river, seriously affecting China’s food resources.

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Since then, projects supporting idols of Chinese fan communities have been banned, affecting Kpop bars.  And that is the reason why Irene Bar cautiously made such a decision.

Red Velvet’s return with a complete lineup in the month of their 7th debut anniversary means a lot to fans.  Let’s prepare to give your best support to the 5 Red Velvet girls in August.

Source: K14

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