This actor climbed to stardom thanks to weekend dramas, shook everyone with her past photos 6 years ago

Actor Lee Se-hee drew attention by revealing a photo of her from six years ago on SNS.    

Lee Se-hee

On Jan 21st, Lee Se-hee posted a photo on her Instagram along with the caption “2016 Lee Se-hee.”

In the released photo, Lee Se-hee is posing while staring at the camera against the backdrop of an exhibition.

Lee Se-hee

She caught the attention with her blue coat and by boasting her beauty which is the same as it is now. In particular, she fans’ eyes by letting down her long straight hair and giving off a unique innocent atmosphere.

In addition, she showed off her pure charm with a slightly smiley expression and smooth skin without any blemishes. Here, she showed her freshness with a somewhat awkward pose.

netizens commnets

SNS users who saw the photo commented on Lee Se-hee‘s Instagram, “Her visual feels so different from now. As expected of the face gifted by God,” “I thought you were a high school student,” “You’re just as pretty as you are now,” “A living doll,” and “You’re pretty even when you were young.”

Lee Se-hee

Lee Se-hee was born in 1991 and is 31 years old this year. She made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2015 through the music video of singer Na Yoon-kwon‘s song “Dream of 364 Days.”

Lee Se-hee, who has continued her supporting role in dramas and movies since then, is currently gaining huge popularity by starring in the KBS2 weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentleman”.

Lee Se-hee is receiving favorable reviews from the viewers for her impressive acting as the heroine Park Dan-dan.

Lee Se-hee
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