4 times A-lister Song Hye Kyo lost Daesang to other actors

Song Hye Kyo is not so lucky when it comes to winning Daesang throughout her lengthy acting career.

Up to the beginning of 2022, Song Hye Kyo has been active as an actress for nearly 26 years and has won 2 Grand Prize – Daesang. She earned this precious title at the APAN Star Awards 2013 with her role in That Winter, The Wind Blows and the 2016 KBS Drama Awards with her performance in the hit Descendants of the Sun.

Song Hye Kyo Daesangs

Having won Daesang twice, Song Hye Kyo still had 4 unlucky times when she failed to take home the winning trophy despite getting nominated. Let’s join us to find out when Song Hye Kyo was nominated for Daesang and whom she lost to. 

Korea Drama Awards 2013

At the age of 32, Song Hye Kyo was nominated for her first-ever Daesang at the 2013 Korea Drama Awards with the drama That Winter, The Wind Blows. Other nominees alongside Song Hye Kyo are all highly appreciated actors: Go Hyun Jung, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Bo Young and Lee Jin Wook. Although Song Hye Kyo’s role in That Winter, The Wind Blows was a success both commercially and professionally, unfortunately, she could not bag her first Daesang as the trophy belonged to Lee Bo Young.

Song Hye Kyo Daesangs

This result came as no surprise because that year, Lee Bo Young had not only 1 but 2 successful roles in 2 dramas, I Can Hear Your Voice and Seoyoung, My Daughter. So even though the viewers feel sorry for Song Hye Kyo, it must be admitted that Lee Bo Young deserved to win. 

Song Hye Kyo Daesangs

SBS Drama Awards 2013

2 months later at the 2013 SBS Drama Awards, Song Hye Kyo was once again nominated with Lee Bo Young for Daesang. Perhaps she could foresee that she would lose for the second time, Song Hye Kyo did not attend the award ceremony. At the SBS Film Awards that year, Song Hye Kyo won “Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries” for That Winter, The Wind Blow and entered the Top 10 Stars.

Song Hye Kyo Daesangs

Within expectations, Lee Bo Young won another Daesang for her role in I Can Hear Your Voice. Thus, within only 2 months, Song Hye Kyo was defeated twice by Lee Bo Young. If it weren’t for Lee Bo Young, Song Hye Kyo could have won both Daesangs because she was considered a strong nominee. 

APAN Star Awards 2016

The APAN Star Awards is the award that helped Song Hye Kyo get the Grand Prize – the first Daesang in her career in November 2013 with ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’. 3 years later, she appeared in the nomination with another blockbuster, ‘Descendants of the Sun’. This year, she competed with her co-star in the series, Song Joong Ki, who is also a very formidable opponent. In the end, it was this formidable opponent who surpassed Song Hye Kyo to win the Grand Prize – Daesang at APAN Star Awards 2016.

Song Hye Kyo Daesangs

Fortunately for Song Hye Kyo, at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards, which took place two months later, both her and Song Joong Ki received the Grand Prize – Daesang of this station. Assuming that only Song Joong Ki won, Song Hye Kyo would have to go through a “traumatic” memory, losing to the same person twice in 1 year like Lee Bo Young in 2013.

Song Hye Kyo Daesangs

SBS Drama Awards 2021

In the above 3 nominations, Song Hye Kyo is very deserving and received the audience’s approval. However, by the 4th time at the last SBS Drama Awards 2021, her appearance in the list of Grand Prize – Daesang nominations with ‘Now We’re Breaking Up’ was reacted a lot by the audience. Not only because ‘Now We Are Breaking Up‘ has a low rating record, but Song Hye Kyo’s performance in this series is also extremely blurred and must be said to be quite boring.

Song Hye Kyo Daesangs
Song Hye Kyo Daesangs


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