Lisa (BLACKPINK) has set 3 more Kpop records on Spotify

Lisa is indeed the queen of Kpop on social networks and online music listening platforms.

Spotify is one of the most popular music apps out there. It owns a huge music store with the latest songs from artists. Not only do artists and groups around the world choose Spotify as a place to release music, but Kpop idols and groups also own a huge number of followers on this platform.

On September 3, before the official solo debut, the maknae of BLACKPINK officially created a Spotify account. As of now, Lisa has more than 2.6 million followers on this music platform. She has surpassed a series of popular names to rank 3rd in the list of female artists with the largest number of followers.

Lisa Blackpink

Most recently, Lisa has continued to set a record as MONEY officially became the first Kpop solo song to reach 400 million streams, the first solo debut song in history to reach the milestone and she is also the fastest female Kpop artist to reach this milestone.

Previously, Lisa (BLACKPINK) officially surpassed the milestone of 600 million streams on the Spotify platform and became the fastest K-pop solo artist to reach this milestone in history, after only 139 days. According to statistics from Spotify, on average, the female singer earns nearly 15 million monthly listens per month.

Lisa Blackpink-Money

Lisa’s record as the fastest Kpop artist to reach the follower milestones on Spotify:

1 million followers – 43 days 18 hours

1.1 million followers – 50 days 18 hours

1.2 million followers – 58 days 18 hours

1.3 million followers – 68 days 18 hours

1.4 million followers – 76 days 22 hours

1.5 million followers – 84 days 23 hours

1.6 million followers – 93 days 5 hours

2 million followers – 132 days 8 hours

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