A filial son who served barefoot at his parents’ restaurant despite being a popular actor

Kang Ha Neul, the representative “good guy” of the K-drama industry, returned with KBS drama “Curtain Call.”

Actor Kang Ha Neul is famous for his unique personality. He is nicknamed the “Good Story Vending Machine” due to his good personality and how people always have good story to tell about him.

kang ha neul

The photo of him expressing his apologies with his hands tightly put together because he couldn’t take photos with his fans in the past was famous online.

When his SNS account was hacked, he even thanked the hacker, saying, “They hacked my account to remind me of my password again.”

Kang Ha-neul

Kang Ha Neul sang at his acquaintance’s wedding even though he was busy filming, and at the request of his mother, he even went to the wedding of a person he had never met and sang them a congratulatory song.

In the past, he was a filial son who served and helped whenever he had time at the kalguksu restaurant run by his parents in Gimpo. After he became famous, the business of his parents’ store also boomed.

Kang Ha-neul

Kang Ha Neul went to the store whenever he had time to help his parents despite being a popular actor. The photos of him being busy, and serving barefoot became a hot topic. (His parents have now closed the restaurant to take a rest.)

It may be uncomfortable to have the title of “good stories” in front of your name. Rather than being weighed down by the idea of trying or being more careful because of such an image, he thought he would just live “as who I am.”

Kang Ha-neul

Kang Ha Neul showed his cool action acting in the movie “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure” earlier this year. Last summer, he made headlines for his successful acting transformation in the JTBC drama “Insider” as the judicial trainee, Kim Yo Han.

Ha Ji-won Kang Ha-neul Curtain call

Kang Ha Neul is returning to the small screen through the KBS drama “Curtain Call” three years after “When the Camellia Blooms.” He is meeting viewers again as Yoo Jae Heon, a theater actor who will perform the biggest performance of his life in the drama. Will Yoo Jae Heon be able to finish his play safely?

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