Nayeon made fans’ hearts stopped with her high-quality fanservice at the Yonsei Univ. Festival

TWICE Nayeon, who was an invited singer at Yonsei University Festival, drew attention with her best-ever fanservice.

On May 17th, the festival “AKARAKA” was held at Yonsei University’s Shinchon Campus.

TWICE went on stage as the invited singer of the night. Yonsei University students cheered for the appearance of the mega-hit girl group TWICE.

TWICE performed various songs, including “Yes or Yes,” “Dance the Night Away” and “Fancy,” and sang the hit song “Cheer Up” as an encore to boost the festive mood.

The members, excited by the hot festive mood, ran freely and enjoyed the stage together.

In particular, Nayeon approached an audience who was filming her on the mobile phone.

Then, she showed off her high-quality fanservice skill with cute dance moves and eye-contact with the fan.

The video clip shows Nayeon’s first-person view of the stage. Nayeon’s first person-to-person point-of-view video, which was at the venue for solo concerts, has been spreading through various online communities and SNS, causing a heated response.

Fans who watched the video commented, “My heart is melting“, “Is the owner of the video still alive?“, and “I almost believed that she was looking at me and my heart rate went up.

Meanwhile, TWICE, includes Nayeon, will hold their world tour in nine cities, starting with concerts in Seoul from May 25th-26th.

Source: Dispatch

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