“Nam Joo Hyuk’s presence in the ‘KakaoTalk Prison,’” Another school violence victim appears

It has been confirmed that there was actually a “KakaoTalk Prison” involving actor Nam Joo-hyuk, and that he played more than just a bystander by joining in insulting a female victim together.

A, a female class member who went to Suil High School with Nam Joo-hyuk, informed the media that she was damaged by a so-called “KakaoTalk Hell” which included Nam Joo-hyuk. Another victim of school violence caused by Nam Joo-hyuk has spoken up.

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A’s case occurred on May 10th, 2012. Both A and Nam Joo-hyuk were in their senior year of high school. A said, “One student from Nam Joo-hyuk’s group hated me, and for just that reason, several people invited me to a ‘group chat room’ and took turns insulting me as if I was being publicly executed,” adding, “The claim that I bullied someone is false.”

A said that she was forcibly invited to the group chat room (KakaoTalk group chat room) by 12 friends, including Nam Joo-hyuk. After that, it has been confirmed that they have poured out insults containing sexual harassment, appearance degradation, and sexual degradation all at once to A.

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According to the group chat room data obtained by this particular media outlet, they used words that were difficult to mention, such as “Why is a X as ugly as a pig like you still here,” “You are avoiding X because you’re scared of X right?” “You X,” “Get out you X,” and “Tell that X to get out.”

Nam Joo-hyuk, who appeared late in the group chat room, also helped his group of friends by directly gossiping about A. Nam Joo-hyuk did not lead the group chat room, but he played more than just a bystander.

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The ‘KakaoTalk Prison’ perpetrators try to deliver a late apology after the interview with the media

Some of the perpetrators, who created the “KakaoTalk Prison” with Nam Joo-hyuk, appeared in interviews with the media and attempted to contact the victim to apologize belatedly.

In this regard, A said, “At the time, I was shocked and felt so unfair, so I informed the student department of the damage, and I remember that the case was concluded with some simple school community service so that it wouldn’t be written in their record.” A accurately remembered the names of the Suil High School teachers who decided to dispose of event at the time. Regarding the perpetrator’s claim that they had made up, she also explained, “They forcibly made the apology in front of the teacher due to the disposition from the student department.”

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As testimony from Nam Joo-hyuk’s victims, who claimed they were abused by him, continued to be reported, Nam Joo-hyuk’s friends in the group chat room at the time expressed tot heir acquaintances their intention to visit A and apologize to her. This is because Nam Joo-hyuk is currently in trouble due to a series of different revelation

However, A said, “Nam Joo-hyuk and his friends told me that they wanted to apologize to me, but I refused because it is absurd how the perpetrators would apologize to their victim 10 years later,” adding, “It makes no sense that the perpetrators are joining interviews, and I don’t want to receive those fake apologies from them. They are still doing secondary damage to my mental health.”

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Meanwhile, Choi Sun-hee, head of the Green Tree Foundation, a school violence prevention organization, said, “’KakaoTalk Prison’ is a typical example of cyber violence, but it is uncommon for male students to invite a female student to sexually harass. This can be classified as sexual violence apart from school violence, and can be investigated and punished more severely,” she added.

Source: Daum

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