HyunA’s Supposed New Boyfriend Yong Junhyung’s Past Ties to Burning Sun Scandal Revisited 

HyunA's soon-to-be husband, Yong Jun Hyung, previously sparked controversy due to his past scandals

On July 8th, the online community is “ablaze” with the news that HyunA and Yong Jun Hyung will officially get married on October 11. The information has divided netizens into two opposing opinions. Some are congratulating the couple, but there are also some fans who are dismayed by HyunA’s decision. This is because Yong Jun Hyung was previously involved in a scandal that forced him to leave his active group.

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This has brought Junhyung’s connection to the Burning Sun scandal back into the spotlight.

Yong Junhyung’s association with the Burning Sun controversy surfaced in November 24, 2018. Investigations of the case uncovered a complex network of crimes, including sexual harassment, gambling, drug distribution, and sexual assault.

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A particularly shocking revelation was the exposure of group chats sharing secretly recorded sex videos (molka). While Jung Joon Young was a prominent participant, Junhyung, along with Choi Jonghoon and Lee Jonghyun, also found themselves entangled in this controversial web.


Charges were brought against Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonghoon for the possession of illegally obtained videos and gang rape. Junhyung refuted the claims of being a sender of the videos but later admitted to receiving videos from Jung Joon Young. He apologized, emphasizing his role as a witness and withdrew from HIGHLIGHT.

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In November 2022, Yong Jun Hyung established the company BLACK MAID and returned as a solo artist, releasing a new album. However, he did not receive much attention from the audience and continued to be boycotted by the public due to past scandals. The dating news between HyunA and Yong Jun Hyung at the beginning of 2024 ignited anger as the old scandal was “dug up” again. Meanwhile, HyunA was criticized for dating a male idol involved in the Burning Sun scandal. Additionally, some colleagues like Hani (EXID) and Jo Kwon (2AM) unfollowed HyunA on Instagram, raising suspicions of turning their backs and opposing the female idol’s controversial relationship.

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