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“Fake Dex” Yang Se Chan faces the real Dex on “Running Man”, “Your face looks a little like mine”

Do comedian Yang Se Chan and Youtuber Dex really look like each other?

The new episode of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”, which will air on June 11th, will show the meeting between “Fake Dex” Yang Se Chan and Dex.

In a previous episode, Haha said, “Doesn’t Se Chan resemble Dex?”, while doing a “doppelganger” roleplay and made “Yang Dex” become a hot topic.

running man Yang Se Chan Youtuber Dex

After about four months, the long-awaited meeting between the two finally takes place. When Yang Se Chan sees Dex, who showed up in a recent recording, he confidently says, “Your face does look a little like mine”, adding “I’m Dex”. In response, Dex says, “I watched the broadcast, and I think it’s a little bit…”, provoking Yang Se Chan by mentioning the doppelganger episode.

In particular, as they do the mission of defending the buoy on the water, a fiery battle between the two occurs. As a former UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) member, Dex takes the lead with his impressive swimming skills.

During the buoy defense mission, Dex displays his overwhelming strength, including flipping others, and even showcases his unexpected charm by dancing to 4th-generation girl group songs. It is said that “Running Man” members express admiration, saying “Dex is going to become a star today”. On the other hand, “Fake Dex” Yang Se Chan also launches a full-scale attack on the real Dex.

The fierce battle between the real Dex and “Fake Dex” Yang Se-chan can be found on the new “Running Man” broadcast scheduled to air at 6:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Source: Daum

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