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IVE Ahn Yu Jin on “Earth Arcade 2”, “I think the drama title ‘Should We Kiss First?’ was wrong”

Ahn Yu Jin made “Earth Arcade 2” members laugh with her question about the title of the drama “Should We Kiss First?”. 

On June 9th, tvN’s entertainment program “Earch Arcade 2” arrived at Rovaniemi, their second destination in Finland. As soon as their arrival, the members were divided into Avatar team (Lee Eun Ji & Mimi) and Moomin team (Lee Young Ji & Ahn Yu Jin) to play an OST quiz for dinner.

That day, Paul Kim’s “Every Day, Every Moment”, known as the OST of the drama “Should We Kiss First?” starring Kam Woo Sung and Kim Sun Ah, appeared in a quiz. After many twists and turns, Lee Eun Ji successfully guessed the correct answer. The other team member Lee Young Ji and Lee Eun Ji then did a kiss performance.

ahn yujin

Ahn Yu Jin, who couldn’t answer correctly, questioned the title of the drama “Should We Kiss First?”. She said, “I think it was wrong, why should they kiss first?”, drawing laughter. Hearing Ahn Yu Jin’s question, Ahn Eun Ji added, “Shouldn’t they hold hands first?”. Lee Young Ji teased Ahn Yu Jin, saying “You’re too nice to know about it.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Earth Arcade 2” is a program that features the unpredictable adventures of four “earth warriors” Lee Eun Ji, Oh My Girl Mimi, Lee Young Ji, and IVE Ahn Yu Jin to catch Torong, a moon rabbit that escapes to Earth. It airs every Friday at 8:40 pm.

Source: Nate

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