Hwasa’s “19+ performance” finally aired, resulting in “this ending” on TV

The controversial 19+ performance of Hwasa at Sungkyunkwan University Festival, finally appeared on broadcast. 

On June 22nd, TVN’s “Dancing Queens on the Road” featured the performances of the members who participated in the Sungkyunkwan University Festival.


Among the “Dancing Queen” members, Hwasa was the last to go on stage that day.

Here, as soon as she stepped on stage, Hwasa presented a medley of her group, MAMAMOO’s songs and overwhelmed the audience with her unique charisma and sexiness.

Hwasa, who filled the stage alone by throwing away her sleep and captivating the audience, amazed Lee Hyori, who said, “Are you performing MAMAMOO songs alone? That’s amazing.”

lee hyo ri

After heating up the atmosphere with a MAMAMOO song, Hwasa went on to sing her duet song with Loco, “Don’t”. 

Previously, Hwasa’s stage for “Don’t” sparked controversy due to a gesture done by Hwasa, causing it to be called a “19+ performance”. At that time, Hwasa was criticized for a provocative choreography point, where she sat down, licked her fingers, and placed said fingers on her lower body.


However, this scene was edited in the final broadcast, seemingly conscious of the criticism.

Instead, the reactions of the audience, Lee Hyori, and Kim Wan Sun were aired. Lee Hyori expressed her surprise by saying “Oh my“, whilst Kim Wan Sun also responded with admiration. 

On the other hand, the episode of “Dancing Queens on the Road”, which aired that day, recorded a viewership rating of 3.7% (according to Nielsen Korea) and showed a steady performance.

Source: Insight 

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