5 months ago, a shaman YouTuber predicted “Yoo Ah In’s future”…Contain creepy content

Regarding the fact that actor Yoo Ah In is under police investigation for drug use, a video of a shaman YouTuber is being re-examined.

In October last year, a video regarding Yoo Ah In was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Young master Hansung”.

In the video, Young master Hansung started the fortune-telling without knowing that Yoo Ah In’s real name is Uhm Hong Sik.

He predicted, “Even if this friend (Yoo Ah In) doesn’t want to do something, he has no choice but to move busily. But the funny thing is that in the past, it’d become an issue every time he did something, but now it’s quiet. I don’t think he’ll see brighter days as much as before.”

He added, “If he does something wrong next year or 2 years from now, he’ll be humiliated and criticized. He’s a friend who has to be talked about once.”

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Regarding Yoo Ah In’s marriage luck, Young master Hansung emphasized, “He’s too free-spirited, so I can’t even see his marriage. He’ll enjoy living alone. He just enjoys his life, and he doesn’t like being tied down by anyone. He’s a person who values himself. He has to be careful with his words and actions next year.”

yoo ah in

As Young master Hansung said, Yoo Ah In was accused of habitual use of propofol and testing positive for marijuana this month. The above-mentioned video is drawing attention.

It was belatedly revealed that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit summoned and investigated Yoo Ah In for violating the Narcotics Control Act this month.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety requested the police to investigate after noticing that Yoo Ah In used propofol frequently while visiting multiple hospitals.

Yoo Ah in

The police believed that Yoo Ah In habitually used propofol from last year, and requested a urine test on Yoo Ah In after executing a search warrant for him at Incheon International Airport on Feb 5th. The actor tested negative for propofol but positive for marijuana.

The police also seized and searched hospitals and clinics after detecting evidence that Yoo Ah In has received propofol at various hospitals since 2021.

Source: Wikitree

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