“One Dollar Lawyer” reached a pleasant ending despite the early finish following the internal dispute rumors

“One Dollar Lawyer” recorded its own highest viewer rating and ended with a pleasant ending.

Following rumors of discord within the production team, the drama “One Dollar Lawyer,” which received many complaints from fans due to its sudden cancellation, ended after 12 episodes, which is 2 episodes shorter than the original plan.

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Nevertheless, the series ended pleasantly with its highest viewer rating and the highest viewer rating of the same time slot.

On Nov 11th, the final episode of SBS’s “One Dollar Lawyer” was broadcast. In this episode, Chun Ji Hoon (Nam Goong Min) started a life-threatening endgame to convict Choi Ki Seok (played by Joo Seok Tae), who can be seen as his lifelong enemy.

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First of all, Chun Ji Hoon triggered Choi Ki Seok by pretending to be close to Cha Min Chul (played by Kwon Hyuk Beom). When Choi Ki Seok thought Cha Min Chul had betrayed him and tried to kill him, Chun Ji Hoon saved his life. However, Cha Min Chul deceived Chun Ji Hoon despite his help and tricked Chun to meet Choi Ki Seok.

Choi Ki Seok, who faced Cheon Ji Hoon in a secluded place, pointed his gun at him and said, “Nothing would have happened if you hadn’t been the only one who was poking around. In the end, you are the one who killed all of them. Your father, lawyer Lee Ju Young, and yourself,” he threatened.

One Dollar Lawyer

However, Chun Ji Hoon showed a relaxed appearance even in such a crisis situation where his life was at stake, and quickly ran away. It turned out that all of this was Chun’s plan. Cha Min Chul’s betrayal, which allowed Chun Ji Hoon and Choi Ki Seok to meet, was also a part of his plan. Choi Ki Seok was filmed with a camera hidden in Chun Ji Hoon’s clothes, which was soon released to the media, and in the end, Choi Ki Seok was sentenced to life in prison, and the drama came to a pleasant ending.

Thanks to the exhilarating ending, the final episode (12th episode) of “One Dollar Lawyer” recorded 15.2% nationwide. This is 1.6% higher than the 11th episode’s 13.6%. It is also 0.2% higher than the previous highest viewer rating of 15.0% (episode 8, October 15th). 

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However, “One Dollar Lawyer” was only aired once a week due to its frequent schedule cancellations, and was criticized by viewers as “a half-drama.” 

In addition, rumors of discord between the production company and the writers broke out at the beginning of the series. Many suspected that the feud between SBS subsidiary production company Studio S and the writers has led to a war of nerves which disrupted the drama’s original schedule.

One Dollar Lawyer

However, In a related development, SBS denied it, but fans are convinced that “the rushed ending proved the rumors of discord.”

Meanwhile, Nam Goong Min confessed, “’One Dollar Lawyer’ feels like the pain of growing up for me,” adding, “I felt a lot of things while filming and learned how to be responsible. This is a work where director Kim Jae Hyun and I relied on each other until the end.”

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