Nam Goong Min and the cast expressed their feelings after wrapping “One Dollar Lawyer”, which ended with only 12 episodes 

“One Dollar Lawyer” cast delivered their thank-you messages after the drama ended.

Nam Goong Min said, “To me, the drama ‘One Dollar Lawyer’ was like a growing pain. It’s a work that gave me lots of feelings while filming and made me feel a sense of responsibility. I relied on director Kim Jae Hyun until the end to create it. I’m also very grateful to my fellow actors who trusted me and worked hard for the drama all at once. Always, in my own place, I will continue to silently think about how to show better acting performances and how to present more impressive works to viewers.”

nam goong-min

Kim Ji Eun shared, “Actress Kim Ji Eun had a happy time portraying the character Baek Ma Ri. It was such a memorable experience that I really wanted to do it again if I had a chance. Once again, it was a precious time for me to grow and learn as an actress. I’ll improve myself to share what I’ve learned in this work through my future performances and make a better comeback”.

Kim Ji-eun One Dollar Lawyer

Choi Dae Hoon also confessed his feelings, saying “It was a very long time but feels short somehow. I’m thankful that I could finish it safely with no accidents. I learned and realized many things during the process. All the staff, senior actors, fellow actors, and junior actors worked very hard. I want to thank all of them.”

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Earlier, “One Dollar Lawyer” continued to prove its popularity by surpassing the highest viewer rating of 18.8%. However, the fact that the drama was cut from 14 episodes to 12 episodes left great regrets in the viewers. 

Source: wikitree

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