“One Dollar Lawyer” exceeded 18% rating for revealing a shocking truth about Nam Goong-min’s character 

SBS-TV’s “One Dollar Lawyer” occupied the small screen on Friday as its highest viewer rating exceeded 18%. 

The seventh episode of “One Dollar Lawyer” aired on October 14th. It depicts Chun Ji-hoon (played by Nam Goong-min) five years ago when he worked as a prosecutor. As a prosecutor, Ji-hoon investigated the slush fund case of JQ Group. 

The ratings for the seventh episode (based on Nielsen Korea) were 14.5% nationwide. The drama’s highest ratings jumped to 18%, proving its popularity by ranking first among all programs on Friday.

One Dollar Lawyer

The highlight of the broadcast is Chun Ji-hoon’s past. Ji-hoon tracked the flow of slush funds concealed by JQ Group and wa shocked by the unexpected fact he found.

Kim Yoon-seop (played by Nam Myung-ryul), his father and candidate for prime minister, was involved. Ji-hoon decided to investigate his father and pushed ahead with the summoning investigation.

One Dollar Lawyer

Ji-hoon let his father eavesdrop on the conversation, and eventually his father cooperated by handing over the bribery list. 

However, a shocking incident occurred at the end of the drama. Kim Yun-seop jumped in front of Jihoon’s eyes. At that time, a phone call came to Rep. Kim’s cell phone, and a voice was heard asking, “Not yet.” 

Ji-hoon received the phone call with a strange feeling. “Who are you?” asked again with a livable expression. After that, the seventh episode ended, shocking viewers. 

Ji Hoon’s past history continues in episode 8. Episode 8 will air at 10 p.m. on the 15th.

Source: Dispatch

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