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“Park Bo-gum, V, Vata…” Urologists who talked about male celebrities’ “genital size”

Two urologists are causing controversy after posting content predicting the size of male celebrities’ genitals.

Recently, urologists A and B uploaded a video titled “The Male Celebrity World Cup selected by urology doctors” on their YouTube channel.


In the video, numerous male celebrities’ real names were mentioned. There were actors Park Bo-gum and Cha Eun-woo as well as BTS V. A and B made speculations such as “OOO has a clear T-zone” and “I think this thing on OOO’s face is bigger.”

The two’s brutality was not just this. In the video posted earlier on Oct 6th, content that predicted the size of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” cast’s genitals was also uploaded. They also did not hesitate to say “This person may not be big” and “This person has long limbs, so there’s a high probability that he’s big”.

Netizens are pointing out that it is uncomfortable. They responded, “You cross the line”, “You need to be sued for sexual harassment to wake up”, “No matter how much you say you are specialists, isn’t this ridiculous?”, “How can you post such content?”, “Are you doing this to promote your hospital?”…


As the controversy spread, the YouTube channel’s production team apologized, “We apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable. We are also sorry to the hospital and the doctors who were affected by the production team’s wrong planning.” The controversial video was deleted.

Source: Wkitree

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