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Lee Chan-hyuk revealed his Han River view + vintage art house, “I want to get married” 

Lee Chan-hyuk brought up the story of marriage.

On MBC’s “I Live Alone,” which aired on Oct 14th, AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk revealed his house and shared his unique daily life.

On this day, Lee Chan-hyuk unveiled a house that is decorated with his own interior. Lee Chan-hyuk’s house surprised viewers with its sensuous vintage art concept interior and the Han River view. Lee Chan-hyuk said, “As I started living independently, I became more interested in this area.” Lee Chan-hyuk also drew attention by showing a window that leads outside in his bathroom.

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Lee Chan-hyuk’s closet was filled with items full of individuality and even a warehouse, which are admirable. In Lee Chan-hyuk’s dressing room, a Marine Corps uniform was found. Park Na-rae said, “Lee Chan-hyuk’s military photos have this title. “He looks like he certainly doesn’t seem to be on our side,” causing laughter around him.

Lee Chan-hyuk went out on his bike wearing his choice of fashion and white sunglasses. Park Na-rae asked, “Are you going to Soo-hyun’s house?” Lee Chan-hyuk said, “No way,” showing the chemistry of real siblings, making the studio a sea of laughter.

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Lee Chan-hyuk arrived at a regular book cafe, where he sat at a cafe and looked at the scenery. Lee Chan-hyuk said, “It’s my routine. I always sit there,” he said. After enjoying coffee and sandwiches, Lee went to an in-house gym at YG Entertainment.

Lee Chan-hyuk concentrated while enjoying some hard work-out. “I think it’s right to exercise in the morning. I woke up in the morning and did sports that I hated, but I thought I just can’t help it,” he said, drawing attention. Lee Chan-hyuk came out in a good mood after an hour of exercise.

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Meanwhile, on this day, Lee Chan-hyuk went to Euljiro with his manager, who is his closest friend, and enjoyed a little bit of vintage shopping. Lee Chan-hyuk came home alone and felt lonely and said, “I think that person will be the most important relationship in my life. My wife. My goal is to have a happy family,” he said, drawing attention by confessing his feelings about marriage.

Source: Nate

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