Kevin Oh’s close friends mention couple Kevin Oh – Gong Hyo-jin’s romantic proposal

Singer Kevin Oh recently had a romantic wedding with actress Gong Hyo-jin in New York, USA.

As the wedding of the two was held privately, many people were curious about it. A photo of the gorgeous wedding scene decorated with beautiful flowers was released, drawing attention.

Gong Hyo-jin wedding

As the wedding was held in a romantic place reminiscent of a movie, attention was also drawn to the two’s proposal.

In the midst of this, attention was focused on the remarks of a band who mentioned Kevin Oh‘s proposal.

Gong Hyo-jin wedding

Recently, band ASHGRAY conducted interviews with a number of media outlets ahead of the release of the song “RUNAWAY” in collaboration with Kevin Oh.

ASHGRAY is a two-member band consisting of Noh Min-hyuk and Shim Tae-hyun. It is a producing band that works with guest vocals for each song like singer Toy.

Son Dam-bi

Their new song “RUNAWAY” raised expectations as Kevin Oh participated as a lyricist.

“RUNAWAY”, written by Kevin Oh, has English lyrics.

The song contains the message “Small worries or problems are nothing. I’ll be your place to run to when you’re tired, so let’s run away together”.

Kevin Oh

Kevin Oh wrote the lyrics for “RUNAWAY” ahead of his marriage to Gong Hyo-jin.

ASHGRAY speculated, “Maybe it’s because he’s about to get married, so the lyrics seem to convey Kevin Oh’s feelings. We don’t know how Kevin Oh proposed, but he probably did it as powerful as the lyrics.”

The masterpiece “RUNAWAY”, which Kevin Oh wrote while thinking about his loved one, will be released on various domestic and foreign music platforms at noon on Oct 15th.

Kevin Oh

Meanwhile, Kevin Oh has been working as a singer-songwriter since winning Mnet’s audition program “Superstar K” season 7 in 2015.

Since his official debut with the album “Stardust” in 2017, he has been a solo singer as well as the frontman of the band “After Moon”, showing his musical abilities in various fields of activity.

kevin oh

Kevin Oh showed off his sweet voice by participating in the OSTs of a number of popular dramas such as “Yumi’s Cells season 2” and “D.P.”.

He is also interested in acting and appeared in Netflix’s drama “Move to Heaven” in 2021.

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