“Good night”, former AOA Kwon Mina reveals an unconventional “all-nude” selfie

Actress Kwon Mina, who was a member of girl group AOA, is attracting attention by revealing a bold selfie on SNS.

On October 14th, Kwon Mina posted 5 selfies on her Instagram along with the short caption, “Good night”.

The selfie she released immediately became a hot topic, as it was so bold many people speculated the work of a hacker.  

Kwon Mina

In particular, in a published photo, Kwon Mina can be seen hugging her knees with no clothes in sight. With an innocent face without makeup, she exuded sexy charms with a bold pose that showed her collarbone slightly.

Kwon Mina

Tattoos engraved around the shoulder and collarbone were also noticeable. 

Seeing this latest update, fans who saw the post showed enthusiastic reactions such as “It looks a little racy, but it’s okay”, “I think I cried a little”, “You are so beautiful”, “It’s pretty, but I wish you were covered a little”.

Kwon Mina, who debuted as a member of AOA in 2012, left the team in 2019 and turned to acting.

Kwon Mina

Afterwards, in August 2020, through Instagram, the former idol revealed that she was continuously bullied by AOA leader Jimin, and all the members were bystanders, causing controversy.

Kwon Mina

Source: Insight

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