“Crazy Love” Jung Soo-jung, “I’m proud that I have been working hard without rest”

The drama “Crazy Love” starring Jung Soo-jung wrapped up with a perfect ending.

On April 26th, KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Crazy Love” ended with a happy ending. The crazy romance, which began with revenge, brought laughter to the viewers, many are expressing great regret over the end of the drama.

Krystal Jung
Crazy Love

In particular, attention was focused on Jung Soo-jung, who showed off her excellent acting skills playing the main character role. Jung Soo-jung has completed an amazing transformation by appearing as Lee Shin-ah, who drew sympathy and excitement from the viewers. Known as a “girl crush representative”, the actress gained huge love for her confident and modern charms. However, she put aside her existing image for a while and showed a new face. 

Crazy Love

Jung Soo-jung paid attention to even the smallest detail to portray Lee Shin-ah, an introverted secretary who automatically shakes when standing in front of her fierce boss Noh Go-jin (Kim Jae-wook). Noh Go-jin is the image of an ordinary “Korean officer” who fulfills his duties days and nights with dark circles around his eyes as if he could faint at any time, raising the audience’s immersion in the drama. It was different from when he showed his passionate youth trying to pursue his dream. No sign of tiredness from work could be found in his eyes and voice and the way he enjoyed the process of achieving his dream gave a satisfying moment to the viewers.

Crazy Love

The most notable point in this drama is the wide acting spectrum of Jung Soo-jung, which helped her perfectly digest the romantic comedy genre. Not being overshadowed by the fact that this is her first rom-com led by her, Jung Soo-jung succeeded in completing the crazy romance of “Mimi Couple” with her stable performances. She painted the small screen with a pink mood by delicately portraying the process of filling her character’s mind with love instead of hatred. 

Crazy Love

As a result, Jung Soo-jung was recognized for her ability to be the main character who can lead a drama, raising fans’ curiosity about her future. The story was enriched as she captured various aspects of her character in detail. Jung Soo-jung firmly established her own position by presenting a passionate performance with various emotional changes.

Crazy Love

Through her agency H& Entertainment, Jung Soo-jung expressed her feelings about the end of “Crazy Love”, which she had worked on for such a long time. The actress honestly confessed her heart, saying, “I think I have mixed feelings about the end of the show. It’s a bittersweet feeling and I’m also proud that I’ve been running nonstop for the past 6 months”.

Jung Soo-jung didn’t forget to show her gratitude to those who made the drama together with her, saying, “We all worked hard for the drama and I feel relieved that we could finish it without problems. I sincerely thank all the viewers for watching ‘Crazy Love’”. Lastly, she said, “I will continue to show better performances through various works”, raising expectations for her acting activities as an aspiring actress.

Crazy Love

Jung Soo-jung, who has been working nonstop and faithfully expanding her scope as an actress, has recently been cast in the movie “The Spider’s House” and will also work hard to show the best appearance on the big screen.

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