How would Son Ye Jin look if she disguised herself as a man?

Fans don’t have to imagine this because Son Ye Jin once crossdressed in a drama. 

Son Ye Jin is known for having a gorgeous, delicate and feminine appearance that makes others want to protect her, so her disguise as a man is something many viewers find it difficult to visualize. However, there’s no need to imagine because Son Ye Jin once actually dressed up as a man years ago. But instead of handsome, she still looked pretty. 

Son Ye-jin
Can this visual successfully disguise as a man?

Specifically, in “Personal Taste” co-starring Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin had a brief scene where she crossdressed, but it turned out to be her most memorable styling in the drama. Not too fussy, Son Ye Jin only glued on a fake mustache, wore a hat to hide her long hair, wore almost no makeup and put on a pink outfit. Although Son Ye Jin’s crossdressing is not convincing at all, she still looks cute! 

Son Ye-jin
Her body looks nothing like a man! 
Son Ye-jin
The fake mustache is gone 

This is only a short scene in the drama, when Son Ye Jin‘s character dresses up as a man to comfort and cheer up the male lead. Perhaps, crossdressing is not meant for Son Ye Jin because her face is too pretty and feminine. 

Son Ye-jin
Son Ye-jin
This is how Son Ye Jin’s character actually looks like in the drama 

“Personal Taste” is a romantic comedy about Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) – a young, handsome and talented architect. He wants to live in a house called Sang Gu Je to learn about architecture and get ideas for the design of the Art Center project. The owner of the house is Park Gae In (Son Ye Jin) – a clumsy and quirky interior designer. She is the daughter of a famous architect. To successfully move into this house with Gae In, Jin Ho pretends to be gay. 


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