How is the actress who handed the pomegranate to Lee Joon-ki in the famous CF?

The CF was once called the “Lee Joon-ki Syndrome.”

Regardless of movies, dramas, or commercials, actor Lee Joon-ki has been working without a break. During Lee Joon-ki’s heyday, the commercial where an actress gave him a pomegranate went viral and was even called the “Lee Joon-ki Syndrome.”

Let’s find out who the actress is and how is she doing now!

The 2006 advertisement “Beauty Loves Pomegranates,” which made headlines thanks to Lee Joon-ki’s appearance, set a record of exceeding 10 billion won in sales in about a month, which was the shortest period of time.

In the advertisement film, which Lee Joon-ki calls his “black history” and wants to erase it, the identity of the female performer in a red dress who fell in love with Lee Joon-ki was belatedly detected and became a hot topic online.

The woman was a child actress who promoted under the name of Kim Byul. She boasted fair skin and big eyes that gave her a young and fresh feeling of someone in their early 20s.

Kim Byul’s identity is actress Song Ha-yoon. She made her debut as a magazine model when she was a high school student, and started acting in 2005 with MBC’s eight-episode drama “Taereung Athletes’ Village.”

As for the reason why she changed her stage name, Song Ha-yoon said, “I mainly acted as a high school student by using the name Kim Byul until I was 28 years old. But after I turned 28, I couldn’t audition for high school roles anymore,” she said, adding that there was a dilemma that came from that.

On the other hand, however, she said, “After changing my name, I felt like I throw away something of my past.”

Song Ha-yoon, who recently renewed her contract with her agency, will reportedly appear in a drama based on the animation “Young-shim” with Super Junior Donghae as the main character Young-shim.

The animation “Young-shim” is a TV animation broadcast in 1990 based on Bae Geum-taek’s cartoon “14-year-old Young-shim”.

A drama official said, “A drama version of ‘Young-shim’ will be born. Song Ha-yoon and Donghae are currently participating in the filming.”

Thanks to its popularity, “Young-shim”, which was made into a movie and a musical, was dramatized. “Oh! Young-shim” tells the story of Young-shim, an innocent but amusingly unconventional adolescent girl.

Song Ha-yoon and Donghae play Young-shim and Wang Gyeong-tae, raising curiosity about what the romantic comedy will be like.

Meanwhile, Song Ha-yoon, who once thought of quitting acting due to problems with her agency in 2012, made an outstanding performance in MBC’s “My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol” in 2015.

She then succeeded in transforming her image shortly but fully through SBS’ “Band of Sisters” and made her face known by playing Baek Seol-hee in KBS2’s “Fight for My Way”.

Afterward, she achieved success through the movie “Intimate Strangers”, where she appeared as Lee Seo-jin’s wife, and became a successful actress in both dramas and movies.

“Oh! Young-shim” is scheduled to air next year. It is known that the programming has not been decided yet.

Currently, Song Ha-yoon is about to appear in the drama “The History of Jealousy”.

Source: daum

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