GOT7’s Inter Fans defended FOR7 against criticism of plagiarism: “They don’t hurt anyone”

 Recently, FOR7 – the upcoming boygroup of Vpop has released the official poster for the debut MV titled I Stood Here Since The Afternoon.

 However, not long after that, international Kpop fans quickly noticed and accused FOR7 of plagiarizing the concept and outfits of GOT7. On twitter, by searching the keyword FOR7, there will appear a lot of posts expressing frustration and questioning this group of plagiarism in the international fan community.

However, beside the criticism, recently, an Instagram account, an international fan of GOT7 with more than 22,000 followers, has defended FOR7.  Specifically, this account posted a series of negative comments targeting FOR7 with caption: “(Roughly translated) What’s going on? There seems to be a fanwar. Let’s be calm and try to avoid leaving hateful comments. They didn’t hurt anyone. “

 As can be seen, this is one of the few rare comments from international fans that defend and support FOR7 during the controversy.

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