How are the two female trainees who lost their debut spot with IZ*ONE now?

Just because of the fraudulent results, the fate of two female trainees Lee Kaeun and Han Chowon has wholly turned in another direction.

After a while, the cheating scandal on the show Produce 101 has come to an end.  Recently, the Seoul court announced the trainees’ identities who were victims of this incident, including Han Chowon and Lee Kaeun (Produce 48).

They were supposed to debut with IZ * ONE, but because of this incident, they faced many difficulties or had to give up the dream.

Lee Kaeun no longer dreamed of becoming an idol

 Lee Kaeun is known to be a very talented girl but her career was not successful.  Kaeun has been promoting under as After School’s member since 2012. However, because After School stopped releasing music around 2015, this girl had to look for other opportunities. So  participated in Produce 48. 

Kaeun immediately became a prominent face, with good performance throughout the competition.  Many people believed that the female trainee born in 1994 would have a certain póition in the debut line-up, but in the end, she was only at no 14 overall. 

After Produce 48, the audience thought Lee Kaeun would debut with a new group under Pledis Entertainment.  However, she left and joined High Entertainment – a company specializing in managing actors.  In an interview with BNT magazine, Lee Kaeun said that she had no ambition to stand on stage anymore.

Han Chowon has yet to debut

 Coming to Produce 48 as the trainee of CUBE Entertainment, Han Chowon showed herself as a formidable opponent. The female trainee was appreciated for its talent.  She had good singing voice and good rapping skills.  Moreover, she also had a attractive girlcrush vibe.  Unfortunately, she only stopped at No. 13.

After the show, Han Chowon returned to CUBE Entertainment and fans did not have much information about her.  According to a report from SPOT TV, Cube Entertainment intended to debut Han Chowon as part of a girl group alongside Lee Joohyun in 2020. However, up to now, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Once being considered as two talented and outstanding trainees, Lee Kaeun, and Han Chowon were highly appreciated and should have debuted with IZ * ONE.  But because of the cheating result, they had to turn to other ways. Hope the two girls will soon succeed on their own path

Sources: yan

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